Community Events

As the scope of Commonwealth Insurance Advantage’s charitable activities have expanded over the past few years. “Team Commonwealth” started with a small group of employees and, more recently, added several outside advisors to help evolve the initiative into a more participatory initiative. Team Commonwealth’s goal is to create events and partnerships that get many people and parties involved in helping others. Here’s a sampling of our recent activities.

2019 | MONTHLY

Pet Photo Contest Launched

Team Commonwealth’s newest event is called “Fur Charity”, a monthly Photography Contest for pets. Entries can be made by submitting pet photos to Face Book (FB) via the email below. All entries received by the 8th of the month will be entered into that month’s competition. The top two finalists who will then be posted on FB for public voting for the remaining days of that month. Fur Charity judges will then tally the votes and the winning pet’s photo will be featured on FB as that month’s champion. “Pet parents” will be notified of the award by the judges. Winning pet parents will then choose the pet charity or animal shelter of their choice, to which Team Commonwealth will donate $500 each month to benefit the local animal operation. If you want a chance to donate to your charity/shelter of choice, submit your pet pictures to

2018 | JUNE

Taking Steps for Dementia Society

An annual event for Team Commonwealth, “Step2Raise” brought companies, schools and many other organizations together for one month of step tracking to benefit the Dementia Society of America. Between Mother’s Day and Fathers’ Day, Commonwealth Insurance Advantage’s employees around the country joined the mission of tracking steps for one full month. In 2018, Team Commonwealth walked over 6 million steps and raised $4,100 for the Dementia Society’s “Ginny Gives” program. This national event directly benefits the Society’s efforts to raise awareness of a disease that affects 10 million people each year. To learn more about Dementia, click here.


Snow-Venture Through Yellowstone for MS

Returning to the beautiful winter scene at Yellowstone National Park for the second year to attend the MSAA Snowmobile Venture was as rewarding for Team Commonwealth participants as well as other riders from different parts of the country. Rekindling with old friends and meeting new colleagues, all attendees had one goal in mind…serving, assisting and improving the lives of the MS community. This year’s snowmobilers, riding personal or rental machines explored trails in Yellowstone including some trails in eastern Idaho and southern Montana. The long weekend’s financial goal was $7,000 but the 2018 riders and guests raised over $12,500 for this worthy cause. To visit event page, click here.