Commonwealth Insurance Advantage provides coverage, but that’s not all! In today’s ever more connected world, companies have the ability to participate in the communities they serve, bring awareness to worthy causes, and help with financial support.

At Commonwealth, Adam Berg, Vice President of Strategy and Operations, and Vanessa Adams, Vice President of Compliance & Community Outreach, head up TEAM Commonwealth, the new philanthropic arm of the company that seeks to enhance its outreach profile.

Below, Adam and Vanessa answer some questions about how the team got started, where they want to go in the future, and how Commonwealth insureds can get involved!

Q: What is Team Commonwealth’s mission?

V: We’re constantly evolving, but part of what Commonwealth Insurance Advantage wants to be is engaged with the communities where our insureds exist. Our mission statement explains that we want to “do good in the neighborhoods we do business in by lending a hand and heart to non-profits.” Team Commonwealth provides direct assistance to those in need with a three-pronged approach: resources, recognition, and remuneration.

Q: What organizations are you affiliated with?

V: The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) was our first partner. In January, we sponsored a snowmobile trip with them at Yellowstone National Park and plan to participate in that again next year.

We’ve also recently partnered with the Dementia Society of America. That organization kicked off an ongoing event on Mother’s Day called Step 2 Raise, which encourages participants to count steps via a fitness tracker or smartphone app and register them with the Society. The goal is six million or more steps. I’m proud to say that TEAM Commonwealth recruited friends and family and we just hit two million steps after Memorial Day weekend. We’re now No. 1 on total Step 2 Raise team members and steps counted, so we’re proud of that.

Q: What was the impetus of TEAM Commonwealth and how did you go about choosing the Dementia Society and MSAA to partner with?

V: I’m currently the caregiver for someone who suffers from dementia. My mother was also the director of activities at a nursing home for 20 years so I know the difference these funds can make. I grew up knowing the value. And our President Eric Bossard, sits on the board of the MSAA and is very active with them.

Q: How do you feel that Commonwealth’s business lends itself to this type of community engagement?

A: Because we’re in a wholesale position in the market, we don’t have the same access to our insureds that other carriers might. This allows us to really bring it down to an individual level. It would be very easy for us to partner with a larger company and get our names on some signs, but we created a separate entity in TEAM Commonwealth in order to make a stronger difference upfront.

Q: Do you have any events coming up? How can insureds get involved?

V: We’re in the process of fine-tuning everything – we just started in November of 2016, so I would encourage insureds and anyone else looking to get involved to check out our Facebook page for updates. They can also check out the Community page on our website for information on all of our philanthropic initiatives.