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Available Multi-line & Boutique Coverages

General & Professional Liability

  • Occurrence and Claims Made Options
  • Prior Acts (Nose) Coverage
  • Medical Director Coverage
  • Sexual Abuse Coverage
  • Cyber Coverage
  • Employment Practices Coverage
  • Employee Benefits Coverage
  • Consent to Settle Available
  • Umbrella | Excess Options
  • First Dollar | Deductible | Self-Insured Retention Options

Property & Commercial Auto

  • Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value Options
  • Blanket Coverage Option
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Business Interruption Coverage
  • Large Fleet Program(s) Available
  • Any | Owned | Specific Auto Liability Options
  • Hired | Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive | Collision Coverage
  • Towing | Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Specialty Niche

Active Threat Solutions (A.T.S.)

Policy Coverage

  • Claims-made/up to $100 million limit/$10k deductible
  • Physical damage/no minimum deaths trigger
  • Risk evaluation & training/Firestorm® assessment
  • 24-hour crisis management including counseling

Industries Covered

  • Nursing homes, assisted living & hospitals
  • Retail operations, hotels and restaurants
  • Public entertainment, concerts, cinemas and parades
  • Education providers and houses of worship
“The A.T.S. Advantage”

Video Presented by Eric Bossard

Commonwealth Insurance Advantage offers a unique, add-on policy designed to assist a broad range of industries including most healthcare facilities, retail, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, education providers and houses of worship.

It’s up to you to educate yourself and your staff, develop proper policies and procedures to present issues before they occur, and employ systems that protect your organization in a worst-case scenario. A.T.S. is unique in today’s marketplace, providing resources and coverage to small and mid-sized municipal operations and school districts throughout the country.

Eric K. BossardPresident