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Workers’ Compensation Programs

We deliver comprehensive workers’ compensation options in all non-monopolistic states that not only offer lower costs for your clients, but address the drivers that increase those costs to begin with.

  • Guaranteed Cost
  • Small Deductible
  • Large Deductible
  • Captive & Alternative Risk Financing
  • Pay As You Go & Dividend Options
Targeted Class Codes
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities Codes
  • Assisted Living Facilities Codes
  • Home Healthcare Codes
  • Physicians & Hospitals Codes
  • Temporary Staffing (all of the above)

Contact us: Eric K. Bossard, President, (267) 513-1976

Working with Commonwealth is an unbelievable experience. From instant indications, to actual quotes and turnarounds, no one comes close. Their involvement on the claims is also something we don’t get from anyone else. Overall quoting and binding with Commonwealth is great for the broker, and ultimately, for the client as well.

David KleinP&G Brokerage | New York, NY