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In 2016, our team recognized that the insurance program space was oversaturated with wholesalers who simply worked with any broker that asked them for a quote, regardless of their expertise or how it might impact one of their other partners. This never-ending cycle of submissions did nothing but frustrate brokers as it allowed their competitors to access the same markets they had, and it frustrated carriers who often found those submissions to be pure “block” attempts, with little insight from their wholesale partners regarding what they needed to do to actually write the business.


Our focus is leveraging our deep relationships to get even the most difficult deals done


With this problem in mind, we built a new model based on selective broker partnerships combined with a limited number of carrier relationships dedicated to our core market segments. This approach enables us to bring franchise value to our retail agency partners via limited distribution, and develop meaningful relationships with our carriers through more targeted submissions, resulting in higher hit ratios and preferred pricing. Exceling in getting deals done that other wholesalers struggle to close – that’s the Commonwealth Insurance Advantage.


Our people combine extensive insurance expertise with the hustle to make things happen

I have worked with Eric as a retail agent for over a decade. Eric’s most admirable qualities are honesty, passion and his ability to get the job done. His customers respect him and believe he will always do what is best for them.

James CulliganJames T. Culligan & Associates | Oakmont, PA